Monday, February 05, 2007

Alexis' 1st Birthday Party...better late than never...

Alexis had her 1st birthday party January 20, 2007 at Jaycee's Community Center in Oxon Hill, MD. It was actually a pretty big bash considering the party went from 4-9:30 and there were about 100 guest there. We had alot of food there that Mamang and Auntie Aileen prepared. For example...

(1/2 of the room-there were sooooo many people there)

(what was left of the lechon)

1 whole lechon (roast pig)
lechon sauce*
12lbs of sliced roast hanger steak*

30 cups of rice*
pancit malabon*
pancit canton/bihon mixed*

chicken and hotdogs* (chicken, hotdogs, sweet peppers, potatoes in a tomato based sauce)
2 kinds of mixed veggies

300 halves of lumpia*
100 veggie eggrolls
spaghetti in meat sauce*
macaroni and cheese* (modified america’s test kitchen recipe and freakin awesome. a kid even said it was the best macaroni he had ever had)

two bags of rolls from Sam’s
pizza rolls
pigs in a blanket

chocolate fountain filled with 5lbs of Ghiradelli double chocolate

strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, poundcake, bananas
¾ sheet double layer strawberry shortcake from Desserts by Gerard

4 leche flan* (another 4 not eaten)
sapin sapin


(thanks Aileen)

Of course, by the time me and Auntie Aileen sat down to eat everything was gone!!! Everything was pretty much gone a good half hour after serving...but everyone seemed to enjoy the food!
Alexis was shy of course, because she really didn't know anyone, but began to warm up to some. Did I mention there was a clown by the name of Teddy and a Pinata full of candy!!!
(Alexis, Auntie Aileen and Teddy the Clown)

(The kids love the Pinata)

(Mommy and Alexis)

(Beautiful Alexis in her Party Dress)

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